Trying and Tri-ing!

This week was definitely trying in every way possible! We had both extremes…a double baptism! but also some huge things we had to deal with in relation to sisters in our stewardship. On that note, we are now ‘in a tri’ (there is three of us in the companionship) for the last week of transfers. We are with Hermana Lewis from Spanish work!! It’s exciting, we do language studies every morning and teach Spanish people too, along with YSA work!
Tri Companion ship - Me, Sister Ditto, Hermana Lewis

Tri-Companionship – Me, Sister Ditto, Hermana Lewis

Monday..nothing to spectacular. We found this vintage shop called Mintage, it was way awesome…super vintage and retro clothing. Look it up!!
Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Port Moody sisters. They’ve been struggling a bit recently and so I had so so so so so so patience! it’s a miracle!! Sister McKee had patience!! And guess what!??!?!? My first car accident!! We got rear ended by this kid who wasn’t watching the road…forgot to take a picture but it’s pretty still works though!! We taught a few lessons and the whole day just went really smoothly after that. Nicole and Sensi both passed their baptismal interviews and we visited a member who told us about some of her friends she wanted to invite to church and 2 of them came to FHE last night, one of them is interested!!
Wednesday- District meeting. A couple lessons. We met this sweet Japanese girl who came to church on Sunday, with her friend this time. We gave them a tour of the church and our member sang ‘Nearer My God to Thee’ in the chapel and it was powerful..K—–, one of the girls cried.
Thursday we took our car in for an oil change haha. Super uneventful week. Had a couple of lessons. Went on exchanges that night actually with Sister Lewis..hahaha and now we’re together for a week!!
Friday we had our apartment inspected and we passed!! I cleaned up the floordrobe the night before hahaha…nah it wasn’t that bad
Saturday was the double baptism!! President Burt came!! After a few beginning hiccups everything went smoothly. For a musical number Sister Ditto sang and I played violin with that song in the Ensign magazine this month, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need. I made up my part! yay! Then after the baptisms we all went over to the branch presidents mansion and had dinner and the ysa stayed late to party. It was awesome though
9 Sept 2015 - Baptism
Sunday we did a lot of talking to everyone!! We need to find new people to teach, we just keep baptising them all !! haha maybe not but anyway have a good week!!
Sister McKee

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