Update for the week

Things are looking up, finally!!
Well, it was a really rough past couple of weeks but now the area is being blessed!
The week started off pretty slow but things really picked up with conference!!
Tuesday we spent a couple of hours with the 2 sets of zone leaders in the Vancouver and Burnaby Zone to prepare for Zone meetings that were on Friday..they are very different haha, it’s interesting to just observe. That night we went on exchanges with the Surrey Spanish sisters and I went with Hermana Kartchener again!! She only speaks to me in Spanish on exchanges, it’s pretty good practice – but then I also see how bad I’ve gotten!!
Wednesday we had a couple of lessons. We planned really well in companion studies for a girl we were seeing later that day..she wasn’t really progressing and we weren’t sure where her intent was, but we went with our plans for the lesson and it was so good!! She even came to General Conference this week! As a mission we are changing to way we teach so it’s much more ‘preach my gospel’ and focused on the investigators needs..and we have seen miracles from it! We exchanged companions back in Surrey and also had a dinner appointment that night!! Go YSA dinner appointments!! We get maybe one dinner a transfer haha. The church member was from England and cooked a real meal…like, meat and roast carrots and steamed broccoli and mashed potato and gravy…just like home!! It was exciting, I’ve been living on a diet that revolves around corn tortillas, stir fry and gluten free pasta…so boring!!
Thursday we weren’t overly busy but we got to meet downtown with a girl from Mexico..her friends brought her to church a couple months back and she’s been busy since…but we finally go to see her, and she had the most truth seeking questions about our beliefs..she really has been prepared..now it’s just meeting consistently haha!!
Friday was zone meetings day!! Busy busy..they were ok. The Vancouver zone was a pretty good meeting, they were a little sleepy at first..the Burnaby zone’s was ok, but that zone lacks unity, the elders are super uncomfortable or something. But we survived!! Then we had a lesson with a girl from Vietnam, but we have no idea what her understanding was though haha..she didn’t talk much. Then we got to see a very sweet ‘less active’ girl!
Saturday was General Conference!!! We had one person come. It was her first time meeting up again and although she said it was long,  all that she wants to do is keep learning!! haha. After Conference we spent the rest of the evening talking to people on the streets.
Sunday was a great day!!! Loads of people came to Conference!! Including one of our Japanese friends..she called the Book of Mormon her treasure!! Also on Saturday night I met this shy girl outside the mall who was so open and pure in her desire to learn more! She came on Sunday afternoon to Conference and loved it, even took notes!! We are excited to keep teaching her!!!
My favourite session from Conference was probably Sunday afternoon, although I loved different parts of every session!! If you don’t know what Conference is, it’s when we listen to our church leaders..prophets and apostles of today! They bring us closer to God! Check it out HERE- General Conference
-Sister McKee

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