Last week in Vancouver…

It’ll definitely be my last week here in Vancouver! We had interviews with President this week and when he asked “What can I do for you?” I just said “Transfer me” and then he said “Already done.” Haha. I love this place. I love it, love it, love it. But when you’re in a place for a really long time, it is hard to progress. Easy to get into routine. Get comfortable. So I know I need a new challenge, whatever that might be!! Praying to go to Victoria Island though!!
Highlights of this week- Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving!! We had ‘orphans thanksgiving’ at our Branch Presidents house, President Miller. His wife is from Finland and she married him when she was 18!! So crazy haha.  It was good – the Chinese Sisters, Elders and us shared a short message about the restoration of the gospel and then opened it up for the Young Single Adults to share their gratitude for the knowledge of the restoration…it was powerful. The spirit was there and it was good!!
Today we had temple P-Day!! First one since last year! Only this time we now go to the temple with the Elders in the zone too, which was weird but that’s ok!  I don’t have much time to email but I’m typing as fast as I can!! Also,  half the missionaries in our zone are Korean missionaries, it’s pretty cool. Korean is probably the hardest language, I’ve been trying to learn Mandarin and surprisingly it’s way easier.
This week has not been super easy results wise…we were really pushing to hit ‘standards of excellence’ night we came in for planning and sat down and I just has this weird feeling we needed to do more…but more of what I couldn’t figure out. So after 15 minutes of talking about it, I just felt like I needed to send a mass text out to some people who used to meet with us..and 2 of them text back saying they could meet tomorrow!! Often on my mission when I have felt like we aren’t doing enough or it’s not over yet, it’s the spirit pushing me to find those people who might just say yes out of the blue!
There were some really trying moments this week…one of the best friends I have made on my mission is a sister from Taiwan who only has one transfer left after this one. But she’s been getting sicker and sicker and so she is being released from her mission early, aka next week, against her will.  Her mission means everything to her, nothing is more important than the work to her. I have been able to learn more what charity feels like, as the news hit her so hard. No missionary wants to finish early. I am grateful my health has been so good.
Anyway, I got to go on exchanges this week with a Sister straight from Guatemala! She is so sweet and I really pushed her to use english…but I did get to practice my spanish too 🙂
I only have around 13 weeks left of my’s insane. Everything just keeps happening so quickly. But it’s in this I have realized how to really just allow the Lord to do his work through me and follow what he wants me to do.
-sister McKee
Sister Polanco and I

Sister Polanco and I

14 Sept 2015 - thanksgiving at Pres & Sis Miller

Thanksgiving with the Millers

14 Sept 2015 - Thanksgvg temple day

Temple Day with Burnaby Zone

14 Sept 2015 - with Sis Ditto, Isabel & RM Megan

Going to a teaching appointment on the skytrain.

14 Sept 2015 - With Sis Ditto, Korean pose!

Asian poses with Sister Ditto


2 thoughts on “Last week in Vancouver…

  1. It is so good to hear how excited you are. You have already learned so much by realizing change brings growth. I am still learning that one. We go to the MTC November 2 but we will be in SLC for a year. The time is certainly flying by. Endure to the end.

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