Well…I got my transfer news….most unexpected thing ever!!
I will be going to Penticton, B.C! It’s in the interior, in a part called the Okanagan! I never thought I’d serve there my whole mission and here I go!! I am pretty nervous, it’s the opposite of where I am serving right now. It’s small town, colder, no YSA, lots of old people, and far away from other missionaries!! My companions sounds awesome though, she is from Utah and her name is Sister Hubert, she’s been out 3 months…literally all I know about her!!! I will no longer be a Sister Training Leader but I am grateful for the time I had to served and be useful in organisation etc. I will miss it!!
I will miss Vancouver so so so so so much, the city, the YSA, the skytrain, all the people, the fast pace…ahhh it is so hard for me to let go of!! I have so many good memories here.
Miracles of this week…
1. Hira said she’s been thinking about serving a mission!!! She’s not really sure how it would work with her life & the film industry but she loves the feeling she gets when she shares the Plan of Salvation with her friends!! So sad to leave her but we’ll stay in contact!
2. Met these 2 Japanese guys on the skytrain while on exchanges with Sister Cobb…they were going to a hockey game, didn’t think they were too interested in the gospel but the next day one of them text us saying he wanted to meet up and learn english and about God!! So we met with them yesterday and they both prayed for the first time, so simple in english. One of them prayed when his Grandfather passed away and felt peace, and so we talked about that is how God speaks to us and they want to keep meeting and praying!!
3. Yesterday was a YSA conference in Langley so we got to travel over..we had a less active church member come too and she knew a lot of people there from where shes’ from!! It’s basically a testimony meeting with sacrament but it is inspiring to hear. So many YSA are converts, it’s awesome.
4. We had a super good District meeting this week…it was awesome because we’ve been struggling for unity in the Burnaby zone and everyone was on fire to be open and share their thoughts and insights. Yay, finally…but now the zone is going to be so different!
5. Not so miracle but a side note…my favourite Chinese missionary is going home this week and they are moving the Chinese sisters out of YSA :/ it was the most fun though to have them. Sister Chen is literally amazing…President says I am the “Australian New Zealand American version of her”, but I think I am not half as good haha.  I learned so much about having passion for the work and being so bold with everyone. She changed me and my mission a lot with her example.
Anyway, I will update my address next week!! BYE
p.s paint is the worst. give me Photoshop or give me….this badly illustrated and pixelated photo set.

20 Oct 2015 - goodbyes

20 Oct 2015
20 Oct 2015 - autumn Vancouver


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