Week 1 in Penticton

I don’t have a lot of time, I have been procrastinating writing and watching ‘Mormon messages’…missionary cat videos haha anyway..
Penticton is really pretty in a different way! It reminds me of the Esk Valley if there was a lake…there’s vineyards and orchards and old people and cliffs and pine trees etc..it’s so quiet here but it’s been peaceful! The town is between 2 lakes and is a huge tourist place in the summer..in the winter most people leave but that’s ok!
The first day we came we knocked on the door (and yes, it was the last door in the street) of a family who let us in to share a message. The Spirit was really strong as we taught one of the daughters and her mom about God..when we came back the mom sat everyone down to hear about the restoration, 3 daughters and her friend!! The youngest daughters are 10 and 11 and they just soaked it up. Four of them now have a baptismal date and they all came to church on Sunday!! Being an older ward there are the pro’s (relaxed, inviting) and the con’s (grumpy old ladies haha) but I love it..we hope the mom has a better experience next week, but the kids loved it!!! Their date is for November 21st, pray for them!!
Anyway, heard that NZ beat SA in rugby from a guy on the street…photo attached, my companions dad is from South Africa! Her name is Sister Hubert and she is so good…I am finishing off her last couple weeks of being trained but she is so willing to learn!
Everywhere we go, people say yes to learning more! Of course, we get some crazies and people who don’t understand our purpose, but Penticton is coming alive as we work hard!!
Have a great week!

With Sister Hubert -Penticton

With Sister Hubert -Penticton

27 Oct 2015 - Hubert

Go the All Blacks!

27 Oct 2015 - Penticton

Penticton with a friend


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