Penticton Week #2

Well, this week was my first full week here and it was pretty good!! This area has it’s challenges the words of my companion..”We have met with a lot of new people this week, but sadly, it really hasn’t gone anywhere. You see Penticton is a older community full of retired chaps that just want to talk your ear off, and not about the gospel… So we have had to endure to the end in some of those conversations… But we have faith we will find some real truth seekers and prepared people to teach! “
Good things:
  • We had a few lessons! We sat down with one single father and had a really good lesson and the Spirit was there…he is definitely seeking, but we feel he’s really unsure about acting on our commitments. We hope to see progress soon!
  • It was Halloween!! We go in early on Halloween night and do weekly planning for 3 hours…all my friends on missions just go inside and have fun, we weekly plan!! Haha. 24/7 consecrated to our purpose! We had a dinner appointment and the family made all Halloween themed food and they had tons of animals!
  • The weather turned a little nasty but we could see snow in the distance!! 
  • Lots of dinner appointments!
  • Some Jehovah Witnesses complimented us on how tidy and well dressed we were in Wendy’s! 
  • We got to do some service at a place that sends clothes to third world countries! Basically, we just sort through bags of donated clothes and put together outfits! It was pretty fun!
  • So many cats here!!
Not so good things
  • That miracle family dropped us :/
That’s basically it haha!! We are desperately praying hard to find people who are truly seeking the gospel and willing to progress…and then we go forth with faith! 
Love Sister McKee

With Sister Hubert

With Sister Hubert

3 Nove 2015 - Penticton

Black Widow Spider

3 Nov 2015 - Penticton

Sunset over Okanagan or Skaha Lake in Penticton.


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