This week in 10 bullet points:

Ahhhhh I always leave this way too late!!
This week in 10 bullet points:
  • Kelowna time!! I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and got to work in the Kelowna YSA area! I miss YSA with my whole heart haha. I honestly feel like I’m desperate for contact with people my own age. We got to move their baptism date to this weekend so that was exciting. We also went finding on the UBC-Okanagan University campus. Ahhhhh take me back!!! 
  • Keremeos- We have this tiny little town literally nestled between the hugest mountains in our ward and so off we went to find some less active church members! It was such a pretty drive and we had awesome visits with the people there- 2 families are going to come to the fall fair this friday!!
  • Saturday was walking day. And oh boy, did we walk! All our appointments fell through…let’s just say I got good at knocking on doors haha! But we did see miracles and met some people who were interested!
  • Shout out to Sister Miller who is the branch presidents wife in VanYSA! She sent me a huge winter coat to use!!! Miracles have not ceased!
  • This week’s amazing lesson….We set up a lesson with a former investigator from the beginning of last year and we go and it was so spiritual!! He had his 11 year old grandson there who is literally so cute.  But anyway, we started with small talk etc and we open the lesson with a prayer and the kid is in the other room and his grandpa realizes he’s listening in, so he invites him to join the lesson and the kid just SOAKED it up. So did Grandpa, he was really listening and answering and thinking, but then when we were teaching about apostasy I felt inspired to ask “Have you ever felt like you were lost?” He just sits there – was a few moments stunned and lost in his thoughts, then looks up at us and says “well, yes. I have. But I’ve never really thought about it.” and then we teach the restoration and Jospeh Smith and the Spirit just TESTIFIES. We are seeing him again tonight and hoping to set a date!!! The grandson wants to learn too but he has to get dad’s permission.
  • We knocked on this lady’s door and she wasn’t interested but when we offered to rake her leaves she said well if you want…so we came back a couple of days later and raked a ton of leaves!!!
  • We taught a couple of 7th day Adventists and they were so open and excited to read the book of mormon!! READ IT HERE FOLKS it will change your life!
  • In district meeting this week a pretty new sister gave a training complete with candy!! Anyway, the point of this is I have never had a better district leader!! District meeting is more like zone meeting because it’s so good!!
  • Ahhhh there are so many cats here
  • I don’t know????? We cleaned our house this morning and it looks fabulous
-Sister McKee

Sisters in the Kelowna Zone

Sisters in the Kelowna Zone

10 Nov 2015 - Keremeos lake

On our way to Keremeos.

10 Nov 2015 - raking leaves

Raking leaves!


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