It snowed on the hills this week!! Ahhh it’s freezing!! But actually not too bad..at least snow is prettier than rain!
  • I finished making my scriptures box! Pictures attached
  • We had zone meeting this week. It was pretty good! There are zone pictures…somewhere else on someone else’s camera. I have realized that I receive the most revelation through participating. duh. But also it means I talk a lot. So I sit on my hands. so I don’t talk so much. 
  • Ate pizza at a church members house after a long, long Saturday of walking in rain because all our appointments fell through. Pizza has never tasted so good!
  • Helped a ward member unpack her trinkets 🙂 Old people!
  • Knocked a billion doors
  • Tomorrow is zone conference and Elder Teh of the seventy will be there! But it’s so many km’s to Kelowna ahhhh. We’re going to be walking a lot by the end of the month because we’ve had so many meetings up there!
Anyway, Have a good week!

My Scripture Box…to hold my scriptures!

Love Sister McKee


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