Moving On

Yes!! I am a nomad! I am going to finish my mission in Port Moody, aka the Coquitlam Ward and I am pumped!! The work there has been tough going, I know because I was a Sister Training Leader over that area…But I am so pumped because it’s a great place, a quiet little city centre and there’s a abandoned mental asylum and trees and oceany stuff and it’s just all round the best place for me to finish my mission. It’s weird to go to an area that I kinda already know a little but Sister Magleby and I are whitewashing and so it’ll be great! 
What a transfer this has been. Everything that happened was EXACTLY the way is needed to happen. We learned our lessons. We are both so much stronger. We are grateful for one another. We accomplished. We climbed the mountain. Sister Hubert has grown up, a lot. She is learning to love the work. She could honestly go work anywhere. I have done what I was called here to do, it’s true. Just not the way anyone thought it would happen haha. But such is life. I have learned to be grateful in any circumstances. And now it’s time to sprint to the finish.
This week we have been so blessed with our 2 progressing friends. Their faith really is building so much!! Both came to church yesterday and there is nothing that brings more peace to my heart than seeing investigators in sacrament meeting! Our young mom is doing so good, she is soaking up all the knowledge she can get and striving to live it to! She had an experience where she felt like God was telling her she’s on the right track with the gospel. We know she will be baptized in the next couple of months! Our other friend is doing well too, she comes to everything and the ward is really bringing her in and welcoming her. She is conquering some challenges with commandments but will hopefully be baptized soon!
-Sister McKee

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