Why pasta you might ask? Well, we arrived in our area to find the sisters before us didn’t go grocery shopping this week so we had…no food! So with permission off we go to the store to grab a couple of tings..and we end up ended pasta 3 days in a row. by the 3rd day I am so done with pasta and I say to my companion “I refuse to any any form of pasta. For a WHOLE WEEK.” then we get a phone call of a member inviting us for dinner and she’s made a “lovely big pasta bake” hahahahhahahahahhaha death by pasta. We’ll get some new food today, yay!! And we have so many dinner appointments this week!! It definitely helps us to feel more welcomed.
it was sad to leave Penticton…there are some real amazing people there and that ward knows how to look after’s like having 40 sets of grandparents!! I am so grateful for the time I had there with Sister Hubert.
Wednesday we flew the huge total of 38 minutes from kelowna back to Vancouver in the evening. Seeing all those lights and cars and buildings felt like coming home!! And all the missionaries…I’ve figured out I love being around lots of people, that’s for sure!! We dropped a sister off at the mission office (Aaaaaahhh how I missed the office!!) and then Sister Magleby from Idaho and I were off to our area.
We arrived to no food but also no one to teach…yes, an empty area book!! but they have a sweet young woman recent convert and a great ward that we are excited to gain the trust of!! There are many young couples and families and then a bit of a gap and old couples. We have done lots of knocking and contacting and Im getting better at mall contacting!!
Anyway, got to go!!!



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