It’s Snowing!

What a week!!! It has been a really good week. In a weird way. There’s been no change in our teaching pool, or teaching puddle, or maybe it’s still 100% dry BUT we have been able to visit more members and just work so hard!
So I don’t know if this is the case for all missionaries but apparently in your last few weeks your body just breaks down to mush, and it’s true, because I have never been more physically tired, EXHAUSTED in my life. We spend most of our time outside talking to people etc and that combined with cold and everything has just killed me haha!! But, I’m still alive!! I am exercising every morning!! I am still giving my all!! Literally!
This week it was so so frosty, hence all the pictures. Like inches of weird frost everywhere!!
I finished reading the Book of Mormon again this week. I love the way it’s all becoming so familiar to me, if you haven’t read it before, read it!!
Last week we had our zones specialized training- where the mission president trains you on more practical missionary work like teaching. it was so good!! I was called up to bear my testimony AGAIN!!! by the mission president, and I quoted a bunch of 2 Nephi 4 (that’s for you Sister Ditto haha) but I just love my mission president and his wife!! They are the best.
On new years eve we stayed in and did our weekly planning, it was fun!! and new years day we went to a popular park to talk to people and the ocean was frozen!! That seagull in the picture ice skated a little!
Anyway, have a great week!!
5 Jan 2016 - Coquitlam (3)5 Jan 2016 - Coquitlam (2)5 Jan 2016 - Coquitlam

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