It’s the P-Day before Christmas!!

We are so excited!!!!!
  • This week we talked to 203 people about the gospel!! That is a huge huge amount. It has been really difficult to find people to teach here and it’s not the most fun situation to be in. In Preach My Gospel it says “Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach” and it’s true- this ward is ready to befriend investigators only we have none yet! I’ve never really been in this situation before because usually I find it easy to find people to teach but I think it’s a little to do with us needing to have better quality conversations but we’re working on it!!
  • We got fed so much pasta again this week!! Ahhhh pasta!!
  • We had a great zone meeting, it was really short so not very in depth but we talked a lot about the Atonement and so this week out on the streets we’ve been sharing a lot about why we celebrate Christs Birth- because of the Atonement and the hope that comes from it. READ HERE but anyway, go through your scriptures and study how the Saviour ministers one by’s everywhere!! Are you treating other as an individual or are they just another face in the crowd?
  • It has rained like every. single. day. It almost snowed on day too, hence the hair picture! it was just really slushy.
  • We rode the bus on walking day and it was so much fun!! I love buses!
Anyway, have a good week!!
29 Dec 201629 Dec 2016a29 Dec 2016b





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