This week has been another blur..I honestly don’t remember too too much of it but of course it was great!!
This week I was really studying hard about my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. So I read through the lessons in PMG (Preach My Gospel) and underlined all the parts where it talks about the character of Christ and why he’s important. But as I was doing it, that wasn’t what stuck out to me..It was actually how much PMG talks about Heavenly Father. He is the start of so many sentances. All of this comes down to Him, and His purpose and I have felt so close to Him lately. He gives me purpose. He knows I am weak but still trusts me. He is pushing me forward, egging me on to continue even though things can seem bleak sometimes. Anyone can have this relationship with Him! All you need is to kneel in prayer to begin.
This week has been pretty crazy- we set a baptismal date!!!! With the little girl, Arisala! It’s complicated though, but we’ll work it out- she usually goes to her dads on weekends in Vancouver- but she’s willing to go to church if her dad lets her. He’s given the OK for her to be baptized though!!
Also, miracle- Yesterday I was so tired of finding…like we had 3 days straight of knocking/contacting and the odd member visit…and so we decide to drop by a potential investigator, just because it’ll break up the afternoon, and we can’t find their address! So we walk up and down the street for a bit trying to figure it – and nothing- but I feel like we should just knock on doors in that street anyway, even though I didn’t want to. Even though we were so so tired. So we start knocking and for the first 3 doors NO ONE answers..but we just keep going and then the​ fourth door we hear someone speaking inside, so we knock and it opens and there’s an older man who looks at us and we start talking with him but he says “I don’t actually live here, but you’ll probably want to talk to my daughter in law” so he goes and gets her and she welcomes us in and we’re both looking at each other like “what is going on??” but anyway long story short she’s an inactive church member from Utah!! It just was a tender mercy, and we had super uplifting conversation with her!!
Anyway, another P-day in Vancouver today!! I think we’ll go to Stanley Park!! and tonight… I am going on EXCHANGES TO VANYSA!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

-Sister McKee

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