Moving On

Yes!! I am a nomad! I am going to finish my mission in Port Moody, aka the Coquitlam Ward and I am pumped!! The work there has been tough going, I know because I was a Sister Training Leader over that area…But I am so pumped because it’s a great place, a quiet little city centre and there’s a abandoned mental asylum and trees and oceany stuff and it’s just all round the best place for me to finish my mission. It’s weird to go to an area that I kinda already know a little but Sister Magleby and I are whitewashing and so it’ll be great! 
What a transfer this has been. Everything that happened was EXACTLY the way is needed to happen. We learned our lessons. We are both so much stronger. We are grateful for one another. We accomplished. We climbed the mountain. Sister Hubert has grown up, a lot. She is learning to love the work. She could honestly go work anywhere. I have done what I was called here to do, it’s true. Just not the way anyone thought it would happen haha. But such is life. I have learned to be grateful in any circumstances. And now it’s time to sprint to the finish.
This week we have been so blessed with our 2 progressing friends. Their faith really is building so much!! Both came to church yesterday and there is nothing that brings more peace to my heart than seeing investigators in sacrament meeting! Our young mom is doing so good, she is soaking up all the knowledge she can get and striving to live it to! She had an experience where she felt like God was telling her she’s on the right track with the gospel. We know she will be baptized in the next couple of months! Our other friend is doing well too, she comes to everything and the ward is really bringing her in and welcoming her. She is conquering some challenges with commandments but will hopefully be baptized soon!
-Sister McKee


Wow! It’s almost the end of the transfer!!
I can’t believe it’s the last day of November too.
The past few months of my mission have been the REAL refiners fire. The Lord just keeps on testing me! I have never felt such a mixture of emotions all at once- but that’s a mission for ya! I have learnt so much about who I am, who I used to be, and who I am becoming, what I want in life and what I want to be. NO, not career wise, sadly far from making that decision too, but as a person. I know now I want to be kind but not squishy. Happy but not fake. Loving but not gushy. Confident but not prideful. Independent but inviting. Dramatic but positive. I have learnt that not everyone will like me, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. I just means we are all different pieces of the puzzle trying to figure out how we fit together. And God WILL refine us, but we will not all be cookie cutters of Christ. Maybe that’s the end goal, but we are FAR from the end.
This week we knocked into a lady who invited us right in. She’s had one tough year but was thinking about starting to attend our church. She is so wonderful and unique but really loves the Spirit and Christ. She came to church yesterday and the lady who picked her up for it just took her under her wing and they are such good friends now!
It has been so cold here this past week and our car keeps dying on us- as the car guy said “Your battery’s toast!” We’re getting a new one this week, yay! We won’t be stranded anymore.
One of our friends who is learning crocheted us hats, or toques as they call them in Canada (toooooo-k, long o sound) and she is so so sweet! Very open to the gospel too.
We had this investigator who since dropped us (but we helped him get back into his church for which he is grateful!! hahahahahahaha) but he was struggling with drinking after his wife left him a month ago and we got to pour out his beer on the garden! yay!!! hahaha
Anyway, Have a great week 🙂
Sister McKee


It snowed on the hills this week!! Ahhh it’s freezing!! But actually not too least snow is prettier than rain!
  • I finished making my scriptures box! Pictures attached
  • We had zone meeting this week. It was pretty good! There are zone pictures…somewhere else on someone else’s camera. I have realized that I receive the most revelation through participating. duh. But also it means I talk a lot. So I sit on my hands. so I don’t talk so much. 
  • Ate pizza at a church members house after a long, long Saturday of walking in rain because all our appointments fell through. Pizza has never tasted so good!
  • Helped a ward member unpack her trinkets 🙂 Old people!
  • Knocked a billion doors
  • Tomorrow is zone conference and Elder Teh of the seventy will be there! But it’s so many km’s to Kelowna ahhhh. We’re going to be walking a lot by the end of the month because we’ve had so many meetings up there!
Anyway, Have a good week!

My Scripture Box…to hold my scriptures!

Love Sister McKee

This week in 10 bullet points:

Ahhhhh I always leave this way too late!!
This week in 10 bullet points:
  • Kelowna time!! I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and got to work in the Kelowna YSA area! I miss YSA with my whole heart haha. I honestly feel like I’m desperate for contact with people my own age. We got to move their baptism date to this weekend so that was exciting. We also went finding on the UBC-Okanagan University campus. Ahhhhh take me back!!! 
  • Keremeos- We have this tiny little town literally nestled between the hugest mountains in our ward and so off we went to find some less active church members! It was such a pretty drive and we had awesome visits with the people there- 2 families are going to come to the fall fair this friday!!
  • Saturday was walking day. And oh boy, did we walk! All our appointments fell through…let’s just say I got good at knocking on doors haha! But we did see miracles and met some people who were interested!
  • Shout out to Sister Miller who is the branch presidents wife in VanYSA! She sent me a huge winter coat to use!!! Miracles have not ceased!
  • This week’s amazing lesson….We set up a lesson with a former investigator from the beginning of last year and we go and it was so spiritual!! He had his 11 year old grandson there who is literally so cute.  But anyway, we started with small talk etc and we open the lesson with a prayer and the kid is in the other room and his grandpa realizes he’s listening in, so he invites him to join the lesson and the kid just SOAKED it up. So did Grandpa, he was really listening and answering and thinking, but then when we were teaching about apostasy I felt inspired to ask “Have you ever felt like you were lost?” He just sits there – was a few moments stunned and lost in his thoughts, then looks up at us and says “well, yes. I have. But I’ve never really thought about it.” and then we teach the restoration and Jospeh Smith and the Spirit just TESTIFIES. We are seeing him again tonight and hoping to set a date!!! The grandson wants to learn too but he has to get dad’s permission.
  • We knocked on this lady’s door and she wasn’t interested but when we offered to rake her leaves she said well if you want…so we came back a couple of days later and raked a ton of leaves!!!
  • We taught a couple of 7th day Adventists and they were so open and excited to read the book of mormon!! READ IT HERE FOLKS it will change your life!
  • In district meeting this week a pretty new sister gave a training complete with candy!! Anyway, the point of this is I have never had a better district leader!! District meeting is more like zone meeting because it’s so good!!
  • Ahhhh there are so many cats here
  • I don’t know????? We cleaned our house this morning and it looks fabulous
-Sister McKee

Sisters in the Kelowna Zone

Sisters in the Kelowna Zone

10 Nov 2015 - Keremeos lake

On our way to Keremeos.

10 Nov 2015 - raking leaves

Raking leaves!

Penticton Week #2

Well, this week was my first full week here and it was pretty good!! This area has it’s challenges the words of my companion..”We have met with a lot of new people this week, but sadly, it really hasn’t gone anywhere. You see Penticton is a older community full of retired chaps that just want to talk your ear off, and not about the gospel… So we have had to endure to the end in some of those conversations… But we have faith we will find some real truth seekers and prepared people to teach! “
Good things:
  • We had a few lessons! We sat down with one single father and had a really good lesson and the Spirit was there…he is definitely seeking, but we feel he’s really unsure about acting on our commitments. We hope to see progress soon!
  • It was Halloween!! We go in early on Halloween night and do weekly planning for 3 hours…all my friends on missions just go inside and have fun, we weekly plan!! Haha. 24/7 consecrated to our purpose! We had a dinner appointment and the family made all Halloween themed food and they had tons of animals!
  • The weather turned a little nasty but we could see snow in the distance!! 
  • Lots of dinner appointments!
  • Some Jehovah Witnesses complimented us on how tidy and well dressed we were in Wendy’s! 
  • We got to do some service at a place that sends clothes to third world countries! Basically, we just sort through bags of donated clothes and put together outfits! It was pretty fun!
  • So many cats here!!
Not so good things
  • That miracle family dropped us :/
That’s basically it haha!! We are desperately praying hard to find people who are truly seeking the gospel and willing to progress…and then we go forth with faith! 
Love Sister McKee

With Sister Hubert

With Sister Hubert

3 Nove 2015 - Penticton

Black Widow Spider

3 Nov 2015 - Penticton

Sunset over Okanagan or Skaha Lake in Penticton.

Week 1 in Penticton

I don’t have a lot of time, I have been procrastinating writing and watching ‘Mormon messages’…missionary cat videos haha anyway..
Penticton is really pretty in a different way! It reminds me of the Esk Valley if there was a lake…there’s vineyards and orchards and old people and cliffs and pine trees’s so quiet here but it’s been peaceful! The town is between 2 lakes and is a huge tourist place in the the winter most people leave but that’s ok!
The first day we came we knocked on the door (and yes, it was the last door in the street) of a family who let us in to share a message. The Spirit was really strong as we taught one of the daughters and her mom about God..when we came back the mom sat everyone down to hear about the restoration, 3 daughters and her friend!! The youngest daughters are 10 and 11 and they just soaked it up. Four of them now have a baptismal date and they all came to church on Sunday!! Being an older ward there are the pro’s (relaxed, inviting) and the con’s (grumpy old ladies haha) but I love it..we hope the mom has a better experience next week, but the kids loved it!!! Their date is for November 21st, pray for them!!
Anyway, heard that NZ beat SA in rugby from a guy on the street…photo attached, my companions dad is from South Africa! Her name is Sister Hubert and she is so good…I am finishing off her last couple weeks of being trained but she is so willing to learn!
Everywhere we go, people say yes to learning more! Of course, we get some crazies and people who don’t understand our purpose, but Penticton is coming alive as we work hard!!
Have a great week!

With Sister Hubert -Penticton

With Sister Hubert -Penticton

27 Oct 2015 - Hubert

Go the All Blacks!

27 Oct 2015 - Penticton

Penticton with a friend


Well…I got my transfer news….most unexpected thing ever!!
I will be going to Penticton, B.C! It’s in the interior, in a part called the Okanagan! I never thought I’d serve there my whole mission and here I go!! I am pretty nervous, it’s the opposite of where I am serving right now. It’s small town, colder, no YSA, lots of old people, and far away from other missionaries!! My companions sounds awesome though, she is from Utah and her name is Sister Hubert, she’s been out 3 months…literally all I know about her!!! I will no longer be a Sister Training Leader but I am grateful for the time I had to served and be useful in organisation etc. I will miss it!!
I will miss Vancouver so so so so so much, the city, the YSA, the skytrain, all the people, the fast pace…ahhh it is so hard for me to let go of!! I have so many good memories here.
Miracles of this week…
1. Hira said she’s been thinking about serving a mission!!! She’s not really sure how it would work with her life & the film industry but she loves the feeling she gets when she shares the Plan of Salvation with her friends!! So sad to leave her but we’ll stay in contact!
2. Met these 2 Japanese guys on the skytrain while on exchanges with Sister Cobb…they were going to a hockey game, didn’t think they were too interested in the gospel but the next day one of them text us saying he wanted to meet up and learn english and about God!! So we met with them yesterday and they both prayed for the first time, so simple in english. One of them prayed when his Grandfather passed away and felt peace, and so we talked about that is how God speaks to us and they want to keep meeting and praying!!
3. Yesterday was a YSA conference in Langley so we got to travel over..we had a less active church member come too and she knew a lot of people there from where shes’ from!! It’s basically a testimony meeting with sacrament but it is inspiring to hear. So many YSA are converts, it’s awesome.
4. We had a super good District meeting this week…it was awesome because we’ve been struggling for unity in the Burnaby zone and everyone was on fire to be open and share their thoughts and insights. Yay, finally…but now the zone is going to be so different!
5. Not so miracle but a side note…my favourite Chinese missionary is going home this week and they are moving the Chinese sisters out of YSA :/ it was the most fun though to have them. Sister Chen is literally amazing…President says I am the “Australian New Zealand American version of her”, but I think I am not half as good haha.  I learned so much about having passion for the work and being so bold with everyone. She changed me and my mission a lot with her example.
Anyway, I will update my address next week!! BYE
p.s paint is the worst. give me Photoshop or give me….this badly illustrated and pixelated photo set.

20 Oct 2015 - goodbyes

20 Oct 2015
20 Oct 2015 - autumn Vancouver